A Week’s Worth of Exercise in A Single Workout

If you ever used time as an excuse not to exercise, WE HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU!

Designed with the busy professional in mind, Tone In 12 is a revolutionary exercise program which delivers a weeks worth of muscle stimulation in just one 12-15 minute workout.  Our protocol is backed by numerous scientific studies, best selling books, physicians, Hollywood celebrities, and end users world wide.

If you’re tired of going to the gym 3-5 times per week with no results, TONE IN 12 is the answer.

TONE In 12 is also about your diet.  Listen to founder Greg Kelly’s message on his interview with Fox 5 Las Vegas on his dietary Opus, “The Vanity Diet,” reviewable on Amazon.com, and available for purchase here.


Arthur Jones created the modern day fitness industry with the invention of Nautilus equipment and the 3x per week exercise protocol.  Clients of all ages and abilities were able to achieve exceptional levels of fitness with no cardio training and less than one total hour of exercise per week.  Nautilus Clubs were the gold standard at the time, as mega clubs did not exist.

With the invention of the Lifecycle in the 1980′s came other products such as treadmills, stair climbers, elliptical machines, etc.  This gave rise to the modern day Mega Clubs, and a shift towards making exercise fun as opposed to effective.  “More is better” became the mantra of the day, and commercial gyms became as much of a social setting as a place for physical improvement.

In the early 1990′s, a protoge of Jones’ named Ken Hutchins discovered that superior training results could be achieved in as little as 15-20 minutes/week using a slow speed method of training called Superslow.  In addition to results validated at the University of Florida, Mr. Hutchins discovery led to a world wide movement of trainers who came to the same conclusion.

In 2003, Power of 10 by Adam Zickerman, and Slow Burn by Fred Hahn, were published to introduce slow speed training to the masses, to the delight of the New York Media.  Celebrities such as Barbara Walters, Anthony Robbins, Leslie Stahl, Brad Pitt, and author John Gray were just a few of those touting the benefits of this new approach to exercise.

Today, the gold standard for information on slow speed/isometric training comes from Body by Science by Dr. Doug McGuff and John Little.  This book is highly recommended for anyone who wants to understand how less training can lead to better results.

After 11 years of perfecting the business model of this training, Tone In 12 is now making the program available to entrepreneurs as a licensed business opportunity.

Licensing Program

Coming Soon to Your Town

Join the Revolution!

Once available only in Las Vegas, the Tone in 12 workout is now becoming a nationwide licensed chain, with a state of the art facility coming to your town soon.  We are currently seeking existing businesses such as chiropractors, physical therapy centers, weight loss centers, Yoga and Pilates Studios, or any other health related business which has an interest in adding an entirely new revenue stream within your existing operation.  We can also assist start up businesses for a stand alone personal training center.

We offer two ways to get started.  The first is our standard license and equipment package, which is $35,000, to include our Tone in 12 line of dual action machines.  The ongoing license fee is $3,000 for each year thereafter.

We will provide the delivery and installation of equipment, certification of up to three trainers, grand opening training for two days, and monthly conference calls to address any challenges.  You will also have royalty free reproduction rights to our library of original articles and ads to promote your business.  You keep all of your training revenue.

The second way to get involved is through a one year joint partnership.  In this scenario, you would pay a $10,000 training fee plus a monthly rental fee of $500 for the equipment, and your training revenue would be shared with us through the first year on a 70/30 basis in your favor.  At the end of one year, 50% of all training and equipment rental fees may be applied towards the purchase of a full license and the equipment package.  If for any reason you are not satisfied at this point, you are free to walk away with no further obligation.

In the joint partnership scenario, we will still provide all of the aforementioned services, and you will be be responsible for the location and equipment upkeep as well as trainer compensation.  Given the high fee per hour associated with our program, this is a relatively low risk option for any existing business with a strong customer base.  However, we have very high standards for absorbing the initial cost, and business owners must be willing to demonstrate a commitment to running this business to exacting standards.

If you would like to be a part of this revolutionary training and business model,  please call TODAY.

Locations (Coming Soon)

Scottsdale, Arizona

Flagstaff, Arizona

Henderson, Nevada

Your Home Town (Opening ?).



The Vanity Diet on Amazon

Since 2003, the incredible physical and aesthetic transformations of the Tone In 12 workout have been defying the laws of belief, and have been accounted for in the 2009 novel, The Vanity Diet, by founder Gregory Kelly.  Each and every transformation has been documented with independent testing and/or actual testimonials.  Read the reviews here, and if you like what you see, you can order the book here.

Dear Greg:

“I thought you were insane when I read your book, “The Vanity Diet.”  As a banker and numbers person, it seemed inconceivable to me that I could work out for just 12 minutes per week and look this good.  You broke my mindset about training and diet and I am now a believer.  Thanks for freeing me from a boring, fat life, and helping me make my dreams come true.”  – Lisa A.

 if anyone is still reading this review and wants to know my results after 60 days they are: 31 pounds of “scale weight” lost (no body fat % test done at the outset, mainly because it was too shameful to endure) but I can assure you that MORE than 31 pounds of fat are now GONE, as I am also more muscular. - Steve M.


When people hear the term “High Intensity Training,” many people assume that only highly fit people can participate in this type of training.

Nothing could be further from the truth!  High Intensity Training  (HIT) is for everyone who wants to avoid mindless hours of useless exercise every week.

The following videos demonstate that HIT is for everyone who can fit in the machines.  HIT is the most effective exercise system ever developed!


48 Hours Investigates reporter Leslie Stahl compares the “once a week” exercise approach with trainer Adam Zickerman to the 3 day/week approach with two identical twins.


Barbara Walters talking about her new workout on THE VIEW.


Anthony Robbins talking with Pete Sisco and John Little about Static Contractions.


Tone In 12 Founder Greg Kelly showing a remarkable 18 day transformation following The Vanity Diet with just 12 minutes of exercise per week.

11 Year Old Bryttni Yi holds 1100 lbs. with her legs.


Body by Science author Dr. Doug McGuff explains the principles of the 12 minute workout on Fox News.


Wellness Coach Judy Greeno holding more than 200 lbs. overhead at a body weight of 100 lbs. at Tone In 12.


Nine year old client Matthew demonstrates that Tone In 12 is for everyone, including children who can fit into the machines.




The new TONE IN 12 DUAL ACTION LINE delivers up to 16 unique exercises in as little as 500 square feet.

This equipment includes DELTOID/PEC, MULTI-PRESS, LAT/ROW, BICEP/TRICEPS, LEG EXTENSION/CURL, ABDUCTOR/ADDUCTOR, LEG PRESS/CALF RAISE, and AB/BACK machines.  Our equipment is manufactured to our specifications at an ISO 9001 Certified Factory.

Our equipment allows two instructors to train clients simultaneously.  Historical averages for workout fees are $40-$50 per 15 minute training session, yielding a highly profitable business model with the right client base.

Standard colors are red frames, black pads, and black weight stack shrouds.  Optional colors (free of charge), are black frames, red pads, black weight stack shrouds, and silver frames, black pads, and black weight stack shrouds.




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